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The First, only and largest interactive Haitian Vodou Song database on the internet.
Where you can share, upload and download sacred ceremonial songs (chants)
of Haitian Vodou used to call the Lwa (Spirits) both privately and in ceremonial contex

 The website purpose is for Vodouisants worldwide, to share and download sacred songs of Haitian Vodou

The site is primarily based on a "give and get" principle, meaning you can download by doing uploads.But now also have expanded its features where you as a user can purchase songs. This feature is added to make songs accessible for those who can`t contribute by doing uploads.


30th of June (7th logic makeup)
- Monthly or Yearly Membership
- Song Quality rateing
- Top 10 Songs
- Top 10 favorite uploaders

- Login problems (fixed)
- Requesting new password token (fixed)
- Paypal ID token (fixed) 
- User control panel (updated\fixed)

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