Welcome to the new improved VodouSongs.com 2017

The First, only and largest interactive Haitian Vodou Song database on the internet. Where you can share, upload and download sacred ceremonial songs of Haitian Vodou for the Lwa (Spirits)

Its function is for Vodouisants all over the world, to share and download sacred songs of Haitian Vodou

The site is primarily based on a "give and get" principle, meaning you can download by doing uploads.But now also have expanded its features where you as a user can purchase songs. This feature is added to make songs accessible for those who can`t contribute by doing uploads.The funds will be invested to maintain and upgrade the site, as its expenses have been privately funded throughout the years.

Latest Features (2017)

- Improved more user-friendly system
- Improved server and user security (ssh)
- Improved user panel
- Improved recorder & sound player
- Songs can be purchased
- Earn money by uploading songs

Upload points Download songs
2 point for each translation in Kreyol
2 point for each translation in English
10 points for each recording
10 Points / or purchase